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Getting the right kind of siding is important because not all types are designed for all climates. To get the most longevity from your investment, make sure you choose the type of siding that best suits Rapid City’s climate. Common types of siding include wood, metal, vinyl, and fiber cement. Each type has its unique characteristics that make it good for certain climates or aesthetic purposes. The experts at Teamwork Exteriors can help with this decision while also ensuring a high-quality installation, repair, and siding replacement every time.
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To provide the highest quality siding products and ensure a flawless installation, we have partnered with top premium siding brands. You can choose from many siding styles and pre-finished looks to fit your taste. All are low-maintenance and have been known for durability.

Although siding can last for many years, it’s still important to hire a professional to install new siding. Siding is made of heavy material and needs to be handled carefully during the process. If improperly installed, the weight of the siding could cause damage to your home’s exterior or other parts underneath, such as framing and roofing materials.

In addition to that fact, siding should be cut precisely where it meets other pieces or building features, including window sills, vents, gutters, and downspouts, among others. A small mistake will become visible through your finished product if not installed properly. Call us today, and we will ensure a quality installation.

Wood Siding Installation

Wood cladding is the most commonly used type of siding in areas with mild climates. The warmth of wood makes it a natural fit for bathrooms and bedrooms, but some homeowners choose to install wooden siding elsewhere on their home as well, usually as an accent or feature wall. It can be painted or stained and repaired if damaged by rot or insects.

Vinyl Siding Installation

PVC (vinyl) – Unlike wood, vinyl can be molded into any shape or size to fit your unique style. Vinyl siding is moisture resistant and does not require painting, so you will never have to worry about peeling paint on your home’s exterior. It can also help boost a home’s energy efficiency by resisting insulating air currents and blocking UV rays from sunlight.

Siding Replacement Service

If you need new siding or your existing siding is beyond repair, our professionals at Teamwork Exteriors can help. Call our office to learn about the many types of siding available and the benefits of each. We strive for customer satisfaction and take pride in offering quality siding replacements in Rapid City, SD. Call us today to book an appointment or get a free quote.

Which is Best Siding for my Home?

Rapid City homeowners looking for an energy-efficient way to cover their home should consider fiber cement siding, which has many benefits, including its low cost, long lifespan, and resistance to mold growth. Fiber cement is similar to wood but without constant maintenance requirements. It offers greater insulation than wood does while also standing up against moisture damage.

If you want to install siding in your Rapid City home, look no further than Teamwork Exteriors. We are the perfect team for the job. Call us today for a free estimate and schedule an appointment.
Fiber Cement Siding in Rapid City, SD
Fiber cement siding has many benefits over other types of exterior cladding, including high durability and strength, resistance to fire, impact, and moisture damage. It works well in areas with extreme climates due to its ability to resist expansion or contraction resulting from changes in humidity.
Siding Repair in Rapid City, SD
Siding takes the brunt of adverse and harsh weather conditions. You will notice over time that your siding will begin to peel, buckle, and fade. If your home’s exterior has cracks or dents in it from storm damage, you may qualify for full replacement through your insurance. Call Teamwork Exteriors for insurance consultation and siding repair in Rapid City, SD.
Aluminum Siding in Rapid City, SD
Aluminum siding comes in various colors and finishes, including smooth, embossed, and textured styles that mimic asphalt roofs or other natural materials such as stone masonry or slate roof tiles. It isn’t as expensive as different types of siding, which is why it’s often considered for homeowners on a budget.

What are some signs it is time to replace your siding?

Asphalt shingles and vinyl siding are inexpensive, easy to install, and can often look great for decades; however, there are some signs that it is about time to replace the old siding. A few examples include:
Cracks or bulges in the siding
These can allow moisture to penetrate your home, leading to costly damage and repairs later on.
Rotten wood
If you see any spots of rot on the framing beneath your vinyl, then it is time to replace that entire panel of siding.
Warping or splitting boards
Aged wood begins to warp and split; therefore, if you notice these issues on any part of your exterior walls, it may be time for new siding.
If you notice any of the above signs, call Teamwork Exteriors today. We provide top-quality siding installation, repair, and replacement services in Rapid City, SD.

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