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Being that you are here it is safe to say you have some type of exterior damage happening at your home. Hopefully, it has not displaced you from living there. Either way, you have come to the right place. We are your Gretnarooferand we wanted to educate you on danger signs of a failing roof and things you can do to help.

As a homeowner, we know things tend to break without warning at the possible worst time. Now a days DIY projects and tutorials have turned many people into their own repair guys or gals. Taking on big and small renovation projects is great. It gives you knowledge and a sense of pride, but not all jobs are for the adequate for the novice

There are a lot of factors that will cause your roof to be damaged. The easiest and most understandable are your shingles. They tell the story. If one shingle is missing you have roof damage. Grant it, if it just happened you dont need to panic, but if this goes untreated for a while it will cause major damage. On that same note, if your shingles are cracked, curling or ripped you have a problem. If there was no major storm that caused this, this is definitely a cause for concern. Those issues are usually signs of a roof that is or has been failing for a while. This often leads to a complete new roof.

It is also important to point out that your roof is made to protect you from a lot, but it can only handle so much. With a new asphalt roof install and some luck, your roof should last 20-30 years. That doesnt mean it will not need some TLC along the way, but it should keep you safe that long. With that said, dont think you can wait years before you even think about it.

Lastly, believe it or not, just thinking about your roof will go a long way. I know it sounds funny, but, if you are thinking about it you are more likely to see if things are out of place or damaged; at least from a distance. Im not talking about hopping on the roof, but from a distance, you should be able to see a good portion of your roof. You can also look for any shingle debris around your house as well. In addition to that, the one thing you should be doing every year is scheduling a roof inspection. A lot of roofing companies offer free inspections. The honest ones like Teamwork Exteriors will tell you when something needs repair or if your roof is doing its job correctly.

Teamwork Exteriors has been serving local clients for many years, providing roof repairs, roof replacement, and custom roofing services. The roofers at Teamwork Exterior use the highest quality roofing supplies to add to the value and beauty of any residential or commercial building. Please let us know if we could be of service as we would love to make your home safe again.

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